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An extraordinary day…

I had the distinct honor and privilege to be in a small group discussion with an AMAZING Organizer yesterday in San Francisco. My expectation was that I would be in a small auditorium to hear someone famous speak, and then I would try to make contact with some potential clients after the presentation. I also had a report to deliver to the TIDES Foundation account executive I will be working with on behalf of my employer. As often happens in my life, that’s not exactly how things went. Instead, on a rainy day in my beloved City by the Bay, I was ushered into an inner sanctum around a conference table and INVITED to talk about my work. I did not hesitate. I presented my colleagues’ work and talked about the need to amplify the message of social justice and human rights, and the speaker asked me what I needed next. I spoke clearly about our need to connect with other funders to take our project nationally, and after the presentation, several founders of MAJOR institutions I would never be able to meet under any other circumstances came forward with their cards and gave me specific contacts for my colleagues to call, and ideas for me to pursue going forward. It did not really hit me until later, after the long drive back to Sacramento in Friday afternoon traffic, and the follow up work at my desk, what had just happened. My boss called from the airport, to check on how it had gone, he felt badly that he had sent me out into this environment without any support, he was sorry he hadn’t gone with me…. I proudly told him exactly what had happened and who I had met and the contacts I brought back and he said, “WOW! That was unexpected. I have to get on a plane now, but congratulations and thanks so much for being willing to do that!”

I felt momentarily proud, and then I started to shake with exhaustion and anxiety. Had I talked too much? Would they actually respond to my emails or were they just being polite to the country bumpkin from Sacramento…. We shall see what the future brings, but I’d like to share this with you… CLICK on the Trailer tab to see a bit of what I had the extraordinary pleasure of experiencing.

Years ago I took my children to see Mother Teresa in a huge auditorium in Charlotte, NC. It was a powerful message, very inspiring on the big screen hundreds of feet above our heads, but as we walked back to the car, she was also walking back to HER vehicle and reached for my hand and said “Bless You!” and I felt the same power when Heather Booth shook my hand yesterday and told me to “DOUBLE DOWN on that really important work!” Wishing you peace and love As always, xox Greta