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Dress No. 2


I am thrilled to report that Dress No. 2 is finished, has been worn with leggings and is now in the wash. I’m already dreaming of the yarn I’ll spin in this year’s Tour de Fleece for an accompanying cardigan. Sonya is my style heroine and a genius pattern drafter. I made NO changes to the actual pattern pieces, although I did cut out FOUR pockets and created a double pocket situation since I always have things in my pockets (like rocks and phones and paintbrushes) that really shouldn’t coexist in the same space…

The radish seedlings are up and the beets have been planted and I am SO ready for Spring!

Blessings to you and yours,

As always




Fen dress


I’ve pre washed the fabulous fabric from Sarah Golden which I purchased at imagine gnats. The linen/cotton blend has a scrumptious hand to it, and I am currently obsessed with all things GRELLOW, so there’s that.

I’m anxious to see how the Fen dress pattern works for my current lifestyle, which hopefully will include digging in the dirt, ink and paint splatters, some saltwater and lots of screen time. Currently, meeting my word count goals is first on every day’s agenda, followed by research and time outside to process it all.

The pockets look like they will be roomy enough to carry around my phone/camera, pencil and notepad, plus whatever assorted rocks and other treasures I pick up along the way…

It’s almost SPRING!