You have to start somewhere…

As promised, I have started the hunting/gathering phase of the goal setting for the New Year.

Voila, the first pattern and fabric have been chosen:


The pattern is Dress No 2 from Sonya Philip at 100 Acts of Sewing. She is a great inspiration to me, as both a style icon and an artist.

Fabric is by Kaffe Fassett , a wonderful artist I have had the great good fortune to take both knitting and quilting classes from over the years. He is a genius, and encourages his students to “work like there is a War on!” which is advice I’ve pinned to the wall in my writing cave.

Thread for constructing and embellishing the dress is from the collection of shiny things I’ve acquired, like a magpie.

The intent of this dress, is to wear it to a reading of my latest book.

Which I’d better get back to revising and editing.

I’m at the stage in the process where, years ago, I would have thrown in the towel. Probably with a whiney, overly dramatic, “I’ve worked so HARD on it, and now there’s still SO much work to do…It is a Sisyphean dilemma I’ll never solve.”

What I’ve learned since then (the hard way) is that the only way to solve those dilemmas is to simply Keep Going. Work through it, not around it. Dive back in and do the work….like there is a WAR on!

Does this resonate with you?

4 thoughts on “You have to start somewhere…

  1. now finding this today is perfect, to me it feels like there is a war on…I should knit one of those pussyhats and wear it! maybe one for my niece too….


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