Setting goals

I’m a list maker, a goal setter.

This blog was primarily set up as a link to the slow fashion movement, which I admired, albeit from a safe distance. (Also known as procrastinating by scrolling through Instagram and Twitter…)

“Look at all of those lovely outfits, made lovingly by hand…”


So, just to formalize things, and to kickstart my brain into actually SEWING instead of just thinking about it…did I mention that I am an over thinker? No? I always forget to put that on my resume.

One of the characters in my latest novel has taken the handmade pledge, and seems pretty happy about it. People compliment her on her “Interesting” fashion choices.

So, technically, this little adventure down a rabbit hole (did I see a squirrel?) is Very Important RESEARCH for a novel.


I hereby declare that 2017 shall be the year of actually sewing my own clothes that are wearable, functional, and relatively sustainable. Although it is tempting, I am not going to weave the cloth myself from flax grown in the backyard. (Reminder to self: Setting limits is an important part of actually Getting Things Done.)

Breaking down the Big Goals into easily achievable small steps (critical for success):

  1. Pick six patterns that work for a capsule wardrobe.
  2. Don’t pretend I am going to be wearing fancy dress up clothes with hand tailored details that the dogs won’t appreciate from under the desk while I am writing.
  3. Start with the fabrics in the stash.
  4. Set a reasonable amount of time aside each day to do some sewing.
  5. Reward myself by wearing my handmade clothing out into the world to procure coffee, chocolate and other essential supplies.
  6. Blog about it.


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