Rediscovering the joy and delight of creating with fabric

I’ve been sewing for five decades. At first, it was all about the joy of creating something for my dollies out of scraps of fabric from my grandmother’s sewing basket. I sewed my own clothes in middle and high school. My very first job was sewing on an industrial sewing machine in a hot attic. It was all about speed and deadlines. Piecework.

I’ve created many quilts and sewed countless Halloween costumes over the years as my children were growing up. Again, usually on a tight deadline, after everyone was in bed. Last minute, get er done sewing.

Lately I’ve been learning about the slow fashion movement. Fibershed and other projects by talented artists, passionate about knowing where their fashion, fabric, and fiber comes from. Alabama Chanin’s journey fascinates and inspires me.

I’m ready to get back to the joy and delight of creating with fabric. This blog will keep me accountable and hopefully create some new connections along the way.

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