Me Made May

Me_made_MayI’ve been posting on Instagram (@gretalynknits) about #slowfashion and #yearofmaking, but I haven’t gotten involved in the #memademay posts other than to follow along with the amazing makers who are brave enough to post pictures of themselves in their self made wardrobes.

I’ve been wearing the FindYourFade shawl nonstop since I finished it, and am so happy with it! There are yarns from Lake Tahoe, North Carolina, Washington State, and California in the mix, and I feel comforted and loved by this shawl, in both the knitting and wearing of it.

My Me Made May projects will take on an entirely new focus after tomorrow. I’m going in for breast cancer surgery which will alter my body shape substantially. I feel fine, and had absolutely no symptoms, so I expect to be home Friday evening and plan on a speedy recovery. I am fully confident in my surgical team and have a good support network. I plan to craft my post surgery wardrobe with comfort and convenience in mind, given the absolute lack of ready to wear options.

If you wish to be included in the surgery updates, the sign up form  is here:

Thank you for your continued friendship and support during my surgery and recovery. I have no idea what I will need in the coming months, but as most of you know, I am reluctant to ask for help. To that end, I intend to get better at resting and self-care, and whatever else is deemed necessary for a full recovery to an active lifestyle.

All blessings to you and yours, as always,



Dress No. 2


I am thrilled to report that Dress No. 2 is finished, has been worn with leggings and is now in the wash. I’m already dreaming of the yarn I’ll spin in this year’s Tour de Fleece for an accompanying cardigan. Sonya is my style heroine and a genius pattern drafter. I made NO changes to the actual pattern pieces, although I did cut out FOUR pockets and created a double pocket situation since I always have things in my pockets (like rocks and phones and paintbrushes) that really shouldn’t coexist in the same space…

The radish seedlings are up and the beets have been planted and I am SO ready for Spring!

Blessings to you and yours,

As always




Fen dress


I’ve pre washed the fabulous fabric from Sarah Golden which I purchased at imagine gnats. The linen/cotton blend has a scrumptious hand to it, and I am currently obsessed with all things GRELLOW, so there’s that.

I’m anxious to see how the Fen dress pattern works for my current lifestyle, which hopefully will include digging in the dirt, ink and paint splatters, some saltwater and lots of screen time. Currently, meeting my word count goals is first on every day’s agenda, followed by research and time outside to process it all.

The pockets look like they will be roomy enough to carry around my phone/camera, pencil and notepad, plus whatever assorted rocks and other treasures I pick up along the way…

It’s almost SPRING!


Superb Owl Sunday


I’m spreading kindness today…you?

This is a free pattern on Ravelry, available here.

I made the arms longer and inserted pipe cleaners, for maximum bendiness and huggability.

Wishing you a day of joy and wonder…xox

By Hand


I am making a quilt by hand. This means I am sitting outside in the sun, with the poodles and the If Walls Could Talk album by Justin Johnson playing.

There is something incredibly soothing and therapeutic about hand stitching. My breathing and my heart rate slow down, I am feeling useful, productive and relaxed. I don’t need electricity or the internet, and if either/or both of those go down, I’ll still be sewing.

I do have a sewing machine, but it freaks the dogs out, interferes with listening to music and although I COULD conceivably take it outside, I’d rather not. My neck tenses up and my shoulders ache after using the machine.

Not so with hand stitching.

A square or two a day, and I’ll have a quilt when I need it most, next winter…

Saturday sleeve seaming


I’ve reached the point in the Hitofude directions where it is time to seam the sleeves.

The lace pattern has a rhythm that I have found both therapeutic and in keeping with the slow fashion movement.

Now for the ingenious part of the sweater construction….after the sleeves are seamed, the sweater then gets a ribbed waistband and a skirt is knit onto that, creating a seamless garment.

Writing continues apace, and despite some full moon Friday the 13th family drama, I’m on target for my goals this month.

How about you?


Core pieces 1&2


Here are the first two pieces of my 2017slow fashion core wardrobe.

1 is a Hitofude cardigan, knit in Scrumptious yarn from Fyberspates. With a 45% silk and 55% Superwash Merino content, this promises to be an elegant everyday classic cardigan.All of the supplies for this project were procured at YarnFolk.

2 is a pair of classic khaki, navy and cream striped pants. I’ll be using the Pants No1 pattern sown in the last post, although I do not think I will crop them as short as they are designed. I have a favorite pair of chocolate brown moleskin pants that are JUST the right length, so will riff off of those. Fabric was purchased online from ImagineGnats.

You’ll notice that both of these pieces are neutrals. I’ve spent most of my yarn/fabric hunting and gathering career collecting purple/green/blue bits that make my heart sing, but in terms of wearable pieces, I really need some basic CORE wardrobe staples. This is the year…